Pat McLarnon Biography

Pat McLarnon was born and raised in Boston MA

Pat worked for over 25 years as a commercial underwriter before meeting Dennis Genovese. Attracted to her warm presentation speaking voice, Dennis asked her to narrate a documentary he was working on. So you could say Pat narrated her first documentary in 2007. It was a dual narration with Fran Webster also part of the team. The story “Ziggy on the Run” premiered in New York City at the New Filmmakers Festival. In 2010 she narrated “Hard Love, CFAR’s Journey” depicting the struggle to raise funds for the Central Florida Animal Reserve’s relocation of 51 big cats. The goal has been finally reached and the cats are free from the possibility of euthanasia.

Her latest documentary put her behind the camera and in the editor’s seat while narrating the story. “Treat me like a Dog” was released in 2014 and is available on Amazon Instant Video along with “Ziggy on the Run”.

Pat has narrated dozens of trailers and commercial ads in the past 8 years. Some of her work can be seen on her website:

You may contact her at: or fill out the Contact form.